She is…

Whispers of venomous words may be traded between equally toxic snakes behind her back, but their venom isn’t strong enough to defeat her cure. She rises to any occasion to shine brighter than those who want to scratch at her to make her dull. She bulldozes anyone who tries to take one foot and place it on top of her to wipe that shit they tracked through on her before getting into her mind’s door.

When a rose points out how she is a mere daffodil, she reminds that rose that there are some places where roses are nothing but weeds. In a land of Medusa’s putting on masks of toxic chemicals and lies to look like goddesses, she seems like nothing but a pebble in the dirt. Only those worthy will realize she’s a sapphire gem with some dirt and mud on top.

She is confident in who she is and what she is. She takes pride in her intelligence and beaming personality, for she knows in the end we all wrinkle and youth will be nothing but written words on past chapters in our lives. She does not worry about popularity or fame. She realizes that it’s just a fickle thing that’s as permanent as youth. Instead she worries about the impact she makes on those around her. She realizes perfection is an impossibility and even some of the worst people had amazing qualities about them. A positive mind is new to her, but it’s something she sees as a gift and she treasures it to no end.


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