There’s Got to be Something Wrong With Me!

Before I disclose why there must be something wrong with me I must tell you how much my camera means to me.

The fact that my camera was well over $300 dollars doesn’t really matter to me when it comes to the “resale value”. It does matter to me in the way that I could never afford to replace my camera. It was also a gift from my mom, and in her own way it was to show me she supports my love for photography. So there’s a lot of meaning to this camera for me. Now, why I think there’s something wrong with me.

It was about a week or so ago that my husband took me out on a date. I have a habit on taking my camera everywhere. You never know what you’ll come across and when you’ll have a good chance at an amazing picture.


For example, the picture above I took when I was with my mom. This picture is not edited at all, and there isn’t a filter added to it. This is what the sky really looked like that evening. This, in my opinion, is a once in a lifetime chance kind of picture.

Anyway, I bring my camera with me on our date. We went out to eat and did a few other things. It wasn’t until 2 hours after going out to eat that I went to look for my camera and it wasn’t there. I think the last time my heart dropped like that was when I was a kid in elementary school and the principle told me he was calling my mom because I got into a fight. The place we went out to eat was very, very busy, and I was sure someone took it. I was more sure someone took it when I called where we ate and they said they hadn’t had a camera turned in, and hadn’t found one. I was sure I lost my camera forever.

I remembered going back to the house to change my clothes seeing as it was hotter outside than what I thought it was going to be, but for the life of me I could not remember having my camera with me. As my husband cut our date short and headed home because of how worried I was that I had lost my camera forever, I began to cry.

The first thing that went through my head was that my mom was going to be so angry at me. She’s not a wealthy woman by far, and she spent a lot of money on that camera so I could try to make money off of my photography. Then I thought about how I would never be able to replace that camera, and it was the best camera I had ever owned in my life.

As we pulled up to the apartment I quietly walked up to our door, readying myself for the worst. When I got into the apartment I walked right over to the one place I always put my camera and it wasn’t there. I almost cried before I remembered I was in the bathroom right before I left. I broke out in tears when I saw my glorious red camera sitting right there on the bathroom sink counter. I thought I would never do something like that again… I was wrong… And the second time would be worse.


Yesterday I went to the mall to walk around. I just wanted to get out of the house. I ended up going to Barnes and Noble (one of my favorite places) to look around to see if there was a book I wanted. Right before leaving I went to their Starbucks and got something to drink. I sat my camera down on the counter so I could pay for my drink. I gather all of my belongings (or so I thought) and left.

It wasn’t until I caught the last bus running to the bus station down town, called my mom, talked to her for a bit, and went to grab for my camera because I was going to take pictures seeing as I was going to be there for a while when I realized… I didn’t have it.

Instantly I knew where I left it and my mom was in the middle of telling me something when I said, “Oh my god. Did I really do that again?” 

As I checked my backpack confirming that yes, I had left it somewhere again, my mom asked me what was wrong. I instantly broke down and started crying. The sympathy in my mom’s voice was kind of comforting because I expected her to be very angry. She told me to call Barnes and Noble right away. The thing about that was my phone was is a $10 phone that has really crappy internet that doesn’t work 99% of the time… That was one of those 99%. I told my mom and she looked up the number and texted it to me. I called them so sure that someone had taken it, but I was wrong. Someone turned it in almost right after I had left. The manager had even put it in a very safe place in the back for me until I go there to pick it up. I was very lucky.

Now, why is there something wrong with me? Because my memory is going. Three years ago I would never have issues like this remembering something as important as my camera. Now, I’m forgetting it left and right. I can’t even remember to make appointments within a 24 hour time span. So yes… I think there’s something very wrong.