Friends on Twitch

I stream on Twitch and I’ve been around on Twitch for quite some time. I’m careful on who I call friends on Twitch. Mainly because I watched a group of people about three years ago fall apart. They built their communities off each other, only raided and helped each other out, and only for the soul benefit of keeping views. There were only a few who actually considered each other friends. The rest was in it for the money and popularity.

I don’t want to be that kind of streamer. I don’t mind taking the long way there. I don’t expect anyone to help me ever. If someone does help me I try to do my best to pay them back the best that I can. I just want to make sure friendships that I make on Twitch are actually friendships and not business partner relationships. I hate the idea of that.

A lot of people think this internet fame they get is going to last forever, and it’s not. You’ll be lucky if you can last more than five years if you built everything off of other people. Even if you didn’t build everything off of someone else, it’s still not going to last forever. What can last forever is the impression you make on some people. The friendships that you make with people. The stories you write on your journey that will live with you forever.

I don’t want to look back on this journey on Twitch and have sour feelings for any reason. I want to look back after having my fifteen minuets and remember the small streamers I made smile after raiding them. The charities I raised money for. The things I made a positive impact on. I don’t want to remember feuds, drama, and leave behind a toxic community. I want to make a positive impact on people and the gaming community.